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Camilla Comins is a trained chef who worked for five years as a Food Product Developer for the Woolworths Group at their head office in Cape Town. She was the creative force behind two restaurants in the Stellenbosch region of the Cape Winelands, both of which she owned and operated with her husband Russel Wasserfall.

Camilla's unique approach to food and her knowledge of ingredients comes from growing up on a self-sufficient farm in northern KZN and her regular trips abroad to work as a chef. She is know for her simple approach to food which honours the ingredients while drawing on classic dishes and styles for inspiration.

Before joining Woolworths, Camilla was a photographic food stylist with her photographer husband, collaborating on five cookbooks and contributing to numerous magazine articles. She also developed and produced confectionery products for Melissa's and consulted on menu and kitchen training matters for a number of local restaurants.

As their daughter has grown, Camilla and Russel have been more and more drawn to open spaces and a simpler life. They moved to Prince Albert in the Great Karoo in June 2016 to make a new life for themselves and their little girl, based on their shared experience and knowledge of food production, culture and industry trends.


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Food writer, photographer and cookbook publisher Russel Wasserfall is lucky enough to find himself married to Camilla Comins. Although he is probably best known as a photographer, he has a background in advertising as a copywriter, and has worked as a food critic, journalist and restaurateur. With Camilla, he designed and co-owned The Table at De Meye which was named Eat Out's country style restaurant of the year in 2011.

Russel has photographed and/or written 19 cookbooks, and contributed food images to every major South African magazine from Taste and Fair Lady to Visi. His work has been  commissioned by foreign titles such as  BBC Olive, Essen & Trinken and Brigitte, and he recently finished a four year project documenting restaurants and wine estates of the Western Cape for a Norwegian media company called Pepper.